26 February 2015

the great sadness

Finally!  I've been having all kinds of trouble getting online again...sorry!

Monday night we, along with all of our village and the village of Pillatre, next door, learned of the death of a very cherished friend and servant leader.  Pastor Mano, who is on our Emmaus board and who runs Lily's school (which is why that IS Lily's school) and who is responsible for so much of the ministry and outreach in Pillatre, hasn't been doing very well, and upon flying back to Miami for medical treatment just a few weeks ago, took a turn for the worst.

It was only a few months ago that we were celebrating Mano and Prisca's 30th year of ministry here in our area, and it's hard to wrap our minds around him being gone.  In a particularly difficult time in our own ministry last summer, Mano was RIGHT there, joining us for meetings, answer late-night calls for counsel, facing the giants with us with wisdom and calm and great insight and love.  His unwavering passion and perseverance to minister to his own people has always been an inspiration and drive for us.

His death is no blow for himself.  But it can't help but feel a blow for many still on the ground.  Please be praying with us today for Prisca, for their children and grandchildren, and for the many in mourning here and in the States.  We took Lily to school yesterday only to learn that there was no school because of "the great sadness."  Even as we rejoice for his restored body and his presence with our Father, we feel it for Pillatre, for Haiti, for his family, and for ourselves.

Mano, dedicating Maxi's little miracle Christie

Mano speaking at our Alumni Day last year about being good stewards of God's resources and budgeting for His church.

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