13 September 2017

a morning in the life

Today the girls were happily off to school and I actually got a full 8-11:30 chapel chunk of time to prepare for my English class that starts Monday, and to peek in on the current classes and get some pictures.

This is my office mate-brother Jodenel...teaching alongside of Dr. Charles Lake Discipleship and Evangelism (who happened not to be teaching today, trying to get ready to preach in chapel!)  Jodenel has a gift, and I loved watching the clarity and passion he brought to the conversation, "What about all the reasons it's HARD to evangelize?"

Dr. Steve Tsoukalas and fourth year have been working through their Philosophy for Understanding Theology.  Dr. T taught Matt when he was a student at Asbury, and this was his first trip to Haiti!

Simeon is patiently helping our first year students get used to working with technology with Computers 101...
And Dr. Don Little, who's also here for the first time, is teaching IN French "Islam and the Christian Faith."

Our Catania guys are in this class, and several staff members have been sitting in just for the great information.
While all three visiting professors have had nightmare travel issues, it's been a real gift to have them teaching these two weeks, and to have them be a part of our lives!

We then all headed into chapel, and one of the new songs we sang clearly had a choreographed dance that I missed the training for.  I never feel like I have enough time to quit everything and go to chapel smack in the middle of the day, but I am simply ALWAYS glad I went.  It is ALWAYS good worshiping with these brothers and sisters!

I tried to dance like Rujerry, Rodolphe and Jean William in front of me...but...there's a reason why the video is in front of me and not behind me :)

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