04 August 2017

finishing with friends

I'm not gonna lie...it felt like a bit much two days ago to be driving 7.5 hours 5 days before retuning to Haiti. But I am SO thankful to be finishing our days in America with Matt away with these awesome fun girls.  Elisa and Maria drove up from Atlanta, Bex from Harrisonburg, VA, and we've had an awesome two days exploring Raleigh, NC, playing with the girls, eating good food, and staying up way too late at night catching up.
I feel incredibly blessed to still have all four of my bridesmaids as good friends in my life, these three and my sweet sister!  Lily, Sofie and Nora love them, too!
It was also good to spend some extra time and love on the girls as we get ready to transition back home, to get started back in school next week, to head back to work, etc.  Summer is rapidly drawing to a close, and closing it up with these girlies is the best!
Tonight was chicken and waffles, and tomorrow we head back to Philadelphia.  Matt heads back to Philly tomorrow, too, after 1 day of meetings with the Theological Education team and 2 days of meetings with our fab EBS board...Looking forward to Sunday with my sis and her precious family before wrap-it-all-up-Monday!  Thank you for all those prayers!

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