01 August 2017

2! and 6 days

Aw, man.  This sweet girl went and turned 2 today.  She's been SO much happier and finally herself again and we are once again so glad she's in our family :)  We had such a relaxing blast at Uncle Don and Aunt Brenda's.  They are SUCH dear friends and their house is always such a place of peace.  They took Monday off and spent all day with us around the pool with Sami, Becki, Conner and Brody.  
Don and Bren are such good family...and it's always so inspiring and encouraging to see how God's at work in their lives and how He's using them in their corner of the world.  Love 'em and wish they lived 5 minutes away.
Then, we come home to this awesome cake!  Is my sister so talented or WHAT?  Nora's been asking and asking for "turtle cake", and she was beyond thrilled when she saw it.  This girl LOVES turtles.  
She also loved celebrating with her cousins...Nora loves "Jayla's house" and loves having two extra girls to run around with.  
It was so fun, too, to watch her open her presents...finally old enough to be genuinely excited about them!  She loves babies and animals so much..making her new baby and baby stroller, and adorable pet t-shirts and new unicorn backpack the best gifts :)
I know this is a lot of pictures.  They're all just so darn cute.  
We are really tired, but we sure do love all this good time with good family.  In the car today we got talking about how God has brought all this good family into our lives and became utterly overwhelmed with God's faithfulness.  

If our own faithfulness ever wavers, we have so many faithful people to be encouraged by, to stand firm with.  I'm so very thankful, and for the way people who don't HAVE to, LOVE our girls.  It blesses this mama so so greatly.

We are in the homestretch, T-minus 6 days to head home.

We are ready. We are not ready. It's always going to be like that.

But as we travel and talk about Haiti, about Emmaus, about our brothers and sisters, He rekindles in us again and again a passion to be a part of sharing the Gospel, a desire to continue coming alongside the many who are growing and deepening in His work, His great love in us for His people in Haiti and the many coming to Haiti, and His reminders of His faithfulness to give us what is needed TO minister and love and live in Haiti.  

There are a lot of things we don't miss yet...we're not probably ever going to miss.  There are struggles I think of and begin to feel a little sick.  But it's because it's difficult, it's because it's dark, it's because it's lost that we are THERE.  It's because of the great grace of His calling, and His great grace to be the Faithful One who Calls.  

Tomorrow morning Matt heads to Indiana for one day of Theological Education meetings and 2 days of Emmaus board meetings.  The girls and I head for North Caroline for NO meetings, but to be with some precious dear girl friends.  

We all rendezvous back in Philly on Saturday for a last few days with Adam, Lisa and the girls, some last minute shopping, eating as much ice cream as possible and therefore dentist appointments.  Tuesday morning early we fly to Miami, meet up with the Edlers, and then all fly to Haiti together Tuesday afternoon.  

'Cause there's a lot to do.  
And I know He's got us covered. Again. Still.

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