10 July 2017

Seeds of Greatness

Yesterday was an awesome day at Seeds of Greatness all morning and afternoon, and at Uncle Terry and Aunt Lori's all evening.
We were worshipping together with people from 19 different nations (how cool is that!) and Matt's parents came all the way from Florida to be there and to spend a few days with us!  We had some good time with Pastor Jerome and Lisa, who are just such special ministry partners and friends (Jerome was Matt's pastor when he was little, and baptized Matt when he was young).
We were able to show EBS's new video for the very first time, and it was GREAT.  There were lots of family friends who came, and we had some good time with Seeds members who have come to Haiti to be a part of our lives and work through EBS.

Matt preached and it was a gift to share a few stories from this past year in Haiti, the worship and prayer time was so uplifting.  We were hugged by lots of men and women assuring us that we are a part of their daily prayers, which is the biggest encouragement we ever receive, the confidence of prayer...and SoG even put us in a hotel for a few nights so we can enjoy being close to Matt's parents for a few nights!    

Oh yes!  And there were even water slides and burgers and ice cream cones afterwards, which the girls obviously adored.  

So thankful for the faithful and supportive family that Seeds of Greatness is to our family and to Emmaus, for all of the fantastic and practical ministry they are actively doing in the States, and for the way they love on and encourage their missionaries SO WELL.

Around 3 we made it to Aunt Lori's, and had an awesome evening eating Buzby corn, awesome berries and ice cream (things we SO miss!), hanging out with lots of the Ayars clan, playing corn-hole, swimming and roasting marshmellows, and chasing around "baby".
Needless to say, we are happy-tired today, spending the morning resting and now heading out to Ocean City with Matt's parents!

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