08 July 2017

made it

We are safely in Philadelphia and still trying to adjust a bit to arriving at 2 am and being in a new place!  We spent yesterday getting a vehicle picked-up at Uncle Don's (thank you, thank you Stu and Cindy!) and getting a stateside phone set up (thank you, thank you, Robert and Jane!) and getting unpacked at my sister's house (thank you, thank you, Adam and Lisa!) before packing up, smaller scale, again today.  We'll be staying in DE for the next few nights, worshipping with our Seeds of Greatness family tomorrow and spending a few days with Matt's parents!

We're enjoying two of our sweet nieces, a few minutes with Uncle Don and Aunt Brenda, ice cream and waffles and pulled pork, and the gorgeous NON-humid weather!  Normal things :)

We're also a bit worried about you, America. What a great great need we have for Jesus...It's extra obvious when you've been away.  We are humbled and challenged to be here.  It's all missions, people. His outstretched waiting love for people knows no country.  Hope to see you tomorrow in New Castle!!

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