09 June 2017

friends and rain and spiders and stuff

Lily finished up day three of testing today and celebrated with some of her best buds, riding bikes, playing tag, eating absolutely everything the house and for some crazy reason, playing school, then dancing their way through the cartoon Rio.
This evening we spent with lovely friends a few villages over...riding four-wheelers and swimming and eating fresh pork and watching the kids play.  It's been incredibly hot and humid, and you could see the storm coming in as we drove, pressing down on the mountains.

The turn-over-rate of other foreign friends is high in Haiti, making it easy to want to guard your heart and the hearts of children from friendships.  So thankful for the great risk our God takes daily loving us well and full and unconditionally and freely, that we might do the same.
This girlie is as ornery as they come and keeps us busy as she can...chatting up a storm and adoring her sisters (and getting under their skin) to no end...
messing up their legos and coloring on their homework and always wanting to wear their clothes 

lots of baby tarantulas this season...
church last Sunday..

Tomorrow, we have a team of ten from Wyoming coming in, and dinner with Leme and Guesica.  Sunday, Matt is preaching at Rodrigue's with the team, and we celebrate 12 years of marriage with 27 friends and strangers and kiddos before Matt heads out for a series of leadership meetings on Tuesday.    

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