11 June 2017

ah, friends

What a weekend!
The highlight was Saturday night...we headed over to Leme and Guesica's for dinner and just had the best time.  They are such precious friends!  It was so good to see where they are renting, and the view from the roof was gorgeous. So thankful for some good time with them, and as we were finishing dinner, their Saturday night prayer group, which includes newlyweds Nosebin and Phida, came over...and it was great to spend time with them, too.
When we had to head home, the girls begged to stay for the weekend :)

Our team of 10 got in last night, and this morning we took them to this dear man's church. 

Rodrigue was in our very first graduating class, and is such a humble and sincere man.  He planted this church in 2010, and this morning we took the team to worship with our brother's and sisters there.
It was a great service, and Matt preached through the essentials of our salvation...it was a great morning.
As soon as we pulled in and unloaded, I looked around and Nora was GONE.  My heart skipped a beat and as I looked everywhere, and someone pointed out that she had headed to the far end of the wall, plopped herself down next to this little cutie and was sharing crackers.
They then spent the whole service chatting...love it.
Afterwards, we took the whole team to the pool, left them and the girlies to have lunch and headed to a nearby restaurant to have a q-u-i-e-t child-free anniversary lunch!  It was fantastic.  It has been a crazy 12 years, but I am so thankful that the person beside me, the one who gets me, the perspective that helps me, the humor that lightens me, the focus on Christ that sanctifies me, the leadership that blesses me, and the friend through it all has been Matt! 
Getting Matt ready to go on Tuesday, Lily ready for her last 2 days of testing, and I have three more students coming by tomorrow to share their stories, while trying to wrap up the fiscal year with Carol!

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