11 April 2017

the fam

We fly 1.5 hours to Florida rather last minute and get to spend time with Grammy, PopPop, Grandpa, Ms. Cindy, Uncle Casey, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Adam, Nico, Evie and Jayla...ALL IN ONE WEEK.  From Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania...I don't think we've ever pulled that off!  

And how sweet it's been...especially when you can add in the beach!
The girls are loving it, and we're loving all this time reconnecting with Nico and the girls!  They all change so MUCH at these ages!  I mean, LOOK at this girl!

They are all so funny!  Extra time with all of them, and our own girlies, is so sweet.

Some time with this man, NOT just working together endlessly, is much needed too.  

This girl is growing up so fast.  
And THIS girl is a HOOT.  As soon as we step onto the sand, she starts ripping off her clothes and running for the surf.

Thankful for this rich time.

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