31 January 2017

coming home

Oh goodness.

We just got home this afternoon and I have like 13 posts in my head.

The girls and Matt (much in thanks to our fantastic community/family) did so well...no problems, and I'm pretty sure Nora didn't even miss me.  She was far too busy chattering and playing to even greet me today.

I was incredibly blessed by an awful lot of things this past, fast weekend, and one was just to go, and come home.
leaving Miami

I had been thinking perhaps the blog's been worn out, maybe I didn't have anything new to share and should maybe be done...and then I left and someone I've never met loves Haiti and our blog helps her keep that heart, helps her pray, gives her joy.

Which gives me renewed joy.

I had been feeling a bit trapped with children...saying things over and over and over and battling eating all your food and yes, it's time for bed, yes, you have to brush your teeth, yes, again, tonight...wondering if I have become old and boring and boogie covered and nothing more than Mom-Mom-Mom-Mom-MOOOOOOOM.

And then we were apart, I couldn't kiss them, I couldn't listen to their happy chatter, I couldn't mom two of them, and I heard another woman I'd never met say that her mama poured out and served and loved and sacrificed...but was never, ever around for the kids.

And that's not me.  And suddenly I'm so grateful and so joyful today to kiss their sticky cheeks.
and back home to Haiti

I left really needing a quick break from cooking and dishes and just wanting something easy, like a BAGEL I didn't have to make from scratch, or a bowl of ice cream that didn't start with me pasteurizing cow's milk.  

And I got that.  And was anxious to come back and love on our guests and my family by cooking dinner for them and listening to everyone talk about their days.

I wanted to hear the Gospel in my own language, to worship in my own tongue, and I DID, powerful.

I needed reminded that all of the little things are a part of something great, and was reminded over and over of the great legacy we are all a part of as Christ-followers, the plans of His hands that we are some small part of.

I needed to remember that my life is beautiful, that His work in Haiti is beautiful, that our work for Him is beautiful, that being poured out unto Him is beautiful.
And it is.

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  1. Oh PLEASE don't stop blogging! I completely agree that your blog helps me keep my heart away from myself and what I know and love others in Christ outside my own borders.
    And I need your reminders that what I'm doing is important work, godly work - even in the mundane. :)