18 November 2016


Today was our annual Vertier Day Thanksgiving!  It's a big holiday in Haiti with all schools and businesses closed, so the perfect day to make whatever reminds us of Thanksgiving's past and stop and reflect on how grateful we are for His help, His presence, His call, His grace in our lives.

The kids all used to be so short!
Now, the adults couldn't see over them!
With another night of torrential rains, it was a very wet day.  Thankful for a dry place to meet...please keep praying for our many friends.
We don't share the same last names,
don't celebrate on the right day,
didn't all grow up together,
(though some of us have!)
didn't watch any football,
worshipped in our shorts and bare feet,
grew our own turkeys,
but we sure are thankful for this family,
for Our Father,
and for today's Thanksgiving!
Meanwhile, a few days ago we went to check on baby Kennedy, who is growing and changing so much already!

The girls had a blast with their friends,
 and I finally got a picture of Kennedy with his sister, Alexandria and his brother Alexandre
Nora is in love :)
Alexandra is in Lily's class at school
everybody needs to STOP GROWING UP around here, man alive.
"Since we receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us show gratitude." Hebrews 11:28

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  1. Such a great group to gather with Thanks!