16 November 2016

catching up, drying up

Paying for the next three months in advance and five phone calls a day, every single day, for 10 days...and Matt's beautiful perseverance has DONE it.  We are FINALLY back online and in business and suddenly we all realize with all the emails how far behind we all are!

You're behind, too....
Here's our men's group in chapel on Monday...
...a few pictures from the clinic on Saturday.  I was translating for this Dr. Leevin, on the right...such a neat and privileged day to work with this crew and to meet and speak Christ into the lives of so many!
Matt's intro to the Old Testament class...
Nora and her bestie, Joel, who is far less interested in snuggling than she is :)
Phil is finally able to get back to his projects that have been underwater, and even the microphone covers are starting to dry out!
Clear(er) skies on the horizon
...and presentations in my English class this morning.

Also, Lucner's dear wife Luna (who is also a student at Emmaus) didn't quite make it to her mid-December due date!  Meet Victorieux, baby brother to Victoria, Victor, and Victory!  So happy for them both and so thrilled to have another sweet baby boy to watch grow in Him!

The girls are finally back to school after a rain week, and we are starting to prepare for Thanksgiving (which we celebrate on Haiti's big holiday on November 18th) on Friday for 36, and for ELECTIONS (Lord willing, please be praying) scheduled for Sunday.  I know you just finished praying for elections and have started praying for presidential transitions in America...but please keep on praying for elections for Haiti...that they might be calm and peaceful and fair, and that God might appoint a good leader for Haiti after over-a-year without a president.

Grateful for some much-needed long-awaited sunshine!!

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