06 November 2016

friends, graduation, visitors

Well, it's official that we just love having Martin and Sharon in our lives and would like to just always have them in our lives.  Everything, from dinner to homeschooling to carpool to bedtime, is 8 million times better (and easier!) with their sweet, creative, patient help and friendship.
Nora ADORED doing everything her sisters did.
On Friday evening, Lily officially finished her Sonlight (homsechool) second grade curriculum, and Sofie finished Kindergarten.  Because they finished at such an odd time (we started in March several years back and can't seem to ever end near May or start near September!) we will just continue on next week with third grade and first grade.  SO, we had a little graduation ceremony for the girls Friday night to celebrate!

They loved it :)
So thankful for this precious family who love and pour into our girls and who celebrate the small things with us :)
Meanwhile, Friday, our Harvest Bible Chapel team flew in with Matt and Martin, had an awesome medical mission day yesterday at Jehova Rapha Clinic and a great time at church this morning at Belonys...where they will be doing another medical clinic on Saturday.  

With more major vehicle issues today...we missed out on lunch in town with the team from sheer inability to pack one more person in the car...but have been so thankful for the time we've had with them so far!
It's been another rough week in Haiti with tons and tons of rain and flooding...
a good friend posted an old post of that resonated with me again today as we head into a new week. 

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  1. You are just the best mom. Seriously. Your girls are so very blessed to have you. It's just a fact.