01 November 2016


We are SUPER excited to announce that Matt. is. finished!  You know I am so incredibly proud of him and all the work and time and energy and heart that has gone into this dissertation.  He truly felt that God was leading him to begin four years ago, and to see God, "Faithful is He who calls you" today brings such joy and gratitude to my heart. Thankful!  Thank you for your prayers and love and encouragement.

He had a reception and a lunch with his examiners today, and tomorrow he starts the long road (ocean) home.

The girls and I, of course, are so incredibly thankful to have Aunt Sharon here.  Instead of tears and long days over daddy, they've invented fun Aunt Sharon games, had sleepover (attempts) in the tree house, gone on walks, read tons of books, had French help with homework, etc.  Having a friend in your space, most often, is just exactly what you need.

She takes the time to know them well, and there is just nothing sweeter than seeing your children well-loved by another.
Best (for me, anyway), is having a dear long-time friend alongside who knows and loves Haiti well, who knows and loves me well, who knows and loves Our Father well.  What a precious gift it is to have Godly men and women in each of our lives who love us and shepherd us on!

  Meanwhile, Dr. Joyce Thorton is here for the week, teaching "Course Planning and Design" to our Master's of the Arts in Christian Leadership students.  These men and women have truly come from ALL around Haiti for the week for this class, and I have been so blessed by the rave reviews of how practical and important this course is.

We are so thankful for Joyce's heart and spirit as she truly comes at each day with her utmost.

Finally, after a challenging day today, Lily surprised me with this note on my desk:
I pray, I pray, I pray that our girls will have Jesus' heart towards others, and it utterly surprised me today to be the recipient of that, as the trainer.  It's amazing what a tiny encouragement can do in someone's heart and life...God knows, and I love that while He's given us our children to care for and raise up in Him, He is forming and helping and filling them, as well.

We do our best, don't we.  But He does, too...and THAT result never falls short, never fails.

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