03 October 2016

the wait

The truly awful part is reading all of the devastation that could be, and sitting here with no drop of rain, no breeze, waiting...waiting. It is waiting for the predicted-nightmare-unknown that threatens to shake the soul. 
And so we educate (it is exciting to me that as we share what to do to prepare with 75, most of whom had no idea that a hurricane is coming, that they leave to share it with hundreds, thousands more) and we sing, 
"Faith in God is the remedy, it changes everything that is hardest. 
For those who have great faith, the pain will be turned to joy" 
We send out brave and Godly men and women to educate and prepare and to be Perfect Love casting out fear, to be Joy in all circumstances.

God and Haiti, it is good to wait with you. You are always somehow turning pain into joy.


  1. Praying without ceasing for you all...love you

  2. Praying continually for you all there, the students, their families and the nation of Haiti!