02 October 2016


It's hard to imagine as we sit in the sunshine on this breeze-less day that tomorrow could bring in hurricane season.

As we talked to the girls this morning about hurricanes and what we do, Sofie (there is only one of these girls on earth, I swear) wondered if it's maybe something like this, and made up a hurricane song and dance.
And maybe Matthew will totally miss us, because oftentimes, it does.
But the reality darkening the day today is that maybe it will not.

We aren't too concerned for our campus.  It is not downhill from flooding mountains, not low or directly on the coast, not buildings made of mud, and we have mountain ranges surrounding us.  We can make it without internet and phone if we have to, and we have enough fuel to give us power even if the sun does.  We are a bit concerned about the solar panels, if wind speeds reach what "they" say they might..but...not much we can do about that.


Hurricane season is hard for our friends and family in Haiti, many who DON'T have anything stored up, many who DO live in mud huts with tin roofs, many who DO live on the side of mountains, many who do live in town, at the base of mountains, many who do live below sea level. Several students stayed for the weekend and many more will come today before the rains, but our students and staff are also faced with the reality that if things in their homes ARE going to be dangerous or difficult, they should BE there.

Please be praying for Haiti.

We are playing Uno and eating corn and covering windows and moving furniture...
and we are praying to the Calmer of the Storm, that He might protect one and all and help us be His hands and feet, come what may.

If you don't hear from us, we are knocked off-line.  
Barb, do you hear me?  Not dead.

When you worry, STOP and pray instead, taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5), putting all of our thinking on Christ, Christ sufficient. 

And pray for Haiti like you knew her, like its families are your own. 

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