23 October 2016

Kennedy and Trust

"How are we ever going to get a life that has no lust, no self-interest, and is not sensitive to the ridicule of others?  How will we ever have the type of love that is kind, is not provoked, thinks no evil? (1 Corinthians 13)

The only way is by allowing NOTHING of the old life to remain,
and by having only simple, perfect trust in God--
Such a trust that we no longer want God's blessings, 
but only want God Himself.
-O. Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest, October 23rd

We were supposed to go visit them yesterday, her due date drawing close.  But then the girls had a friend over all day, and Matt left for America, and Nora got woken early from her nap and was grouchin' all day...and so as I prayed for Job and Tata and Alexandra and Caba last night, I promised the Lord that today, after church, before we ever had a chance to get home and settled in, we'd go see them, no matter what.  (This is the family I blogged about here)

Meg had sent me a fantastic baby bag for them full of baby clothes and shampoo and wipes and blankets, and we took it with us.

After a long church service, an even more post-church-missed-nap grouchy Nora and Lily and Sofie and I picked our way through the mud to their home, anxious to pray for Tata and all of them as they prepared to grow their family.

With a 12 year-old boy and 9 year-old girl, living in a dark stick mud hut, barely making it, nobody in Job's family was particularly happy when they were surprised by her pregnancy nine months ago.  This was not what we wanted, she told me, months ago, how are we going to take care of a third child?  We thought we were done...the kids are halfway through school!

But trusting, and as her little belly grew, joy has grown, too.

Surprised that no one came out to greet us today, we ducked into their small dark room and waited for our eyes to adjust as we greeted them, and THERE laying next to sweet Tata on their mat was an itty bitty precious perfect baby boy!
Nobody in the village even knew yet!  

Ah, my heart.  With great delight we all filled that little home with laughter, googling and purring over his soft little ringlets and his perfect features, Alexandra a beaming big sister, Caba, already quick to look out for his little man.   Job was off somewhere, so we didn't get to see him.

I started drilling Tata with questions as we stared at little man, and she shared that every Saturday night, she sweeps out the entire church across from her home for Sunday morning service.

You'd think at 9 months pregnant, she would have excused herself from this act of service that nobody notices, but everyone would notice if it weren't done.

Servant hearted, she swept out the whole church anyway, taking breaks between contractions and continuing to sweep until she finished.  

By the time the church was done, she knew the baby was close, and she rushed home and told Job to go find the midwife.

He left, far more in a panic than she, and she said that as soon as he left, she knew there was no waiting.

When he came back with the midwife not long after, baby boy was laying happily on her chest, wrapped up.

My jaw must have been on the ground because she and MaMarc laughed at my expression.

"You brave, strong woman," I blurted out.  "You delivered your OWN baby here in this pitch black room at night ALL alone?"

Classic Tata, she smiled sweetly and giggled.  "Yes, I guess I did!" she said, glowing down at her perfect bundle. "Cause here he is!"

She told me they hadn't yet chosen a name, we gave them the perfectly timed gifts (such a joy to give) ogled a bit longer, and finally scooped Nora up and headed home, glowing.

We hadn't been home five minutes when Job, in his big straw hat, came bounding up to the house.

"Madame Matt, we have a baby!"

"I know!" I laughed out loud, pulling out my phone and showing him pictures of his newborn son he didn't even know we knew existed.

"What will you name him?" I asked, and breathlessly, Job said, "Kennedy."

As I practiced pronouncing it like Job had, he said, "You know, like the American president, John Kennedy!"  

Just a few days after mourning with our other dear friends over the loss of their little son, today, we celebrate with this little family their precious gift from God, and at the end of the day, God knows, doesn't He.  And we trust Him.

Thankful for these strong and courageous, selfless and servant-hearted believers around me, reminding me that perfect trust is not about His blessings, but about wanting God Himself.

(Matt has made it safely to New York, is at Houghton College now, and starts speaking tomorrow!  Thank you for your prayers!)

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