22 October 2016

joyful in Hope!

With Matt leaving this morning, the girls couldn't bear the thought of our annual Halloween Pumpkin Party without their daddy.  So we partied last night instead, with carmel apples (apples from the Dominican!) and cupcakes before supper, a big 'ole treasure hunt all over the campus, and roasted whole chickens and potatoes for dinner.

SO very fun...and a wonderful way to release Matt for these upcoming weeks.
Ethan was Phil, which was EXACTLY what Phil looks like working everyday...it was uncanny :)
Joel was a sumo wrestler, and though he is six months younger than Nora...I'm pretty sure he'd win :)
With no parks or zoos or movie theaters or malls or fall or field trips or Targets or Barnes and Nobles or coffee shops or.....you kinda have to make your OWN fun for your children in Haiti.  So thankful God's given us so many fun and creative neighbors to make it with!
The girls, who continue to be OBSESSED with "The Chronicles of Narnia", BOTH wanted to be Lucy so badly that they were!  My friend Elin sewed these for them from material Leroy brought form Indonesia...how cool is that?
So cute!

ANYWAY...now Matt is officially off, tonight in Philly with my sister and her precious family (no, I don't want to talk about it) and tomorrow on for New York and Houghton college, where he'll begin speaking on Monday, the keynote speaker for their annual missions conference, "New Vision Week."

I wish so much that I could be there! If you're anywhere near Houghton College, put your youth on and go see Matt and take him out for coffee!

The verse God keeps bringing me to for this time Matt is gone (and after he gets back!)
Think how beautiful the spirit of the believer who can dwell in Romans 12:12!


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