09 August 2016


So thankful for family.

We spent the whole day with these guys yesterday, and are about to spend the next 11 months with them.  But when we left the park a bit earlier to them, I leaned over to Matt and said, "That just wasn't long enough with the Heckmans."

An hour later, trying to work out some travel details, Matt called Emily and they worked it out.  As they went to hang up, I heard Emily say, "It just wasn't enough time with you guys!"

We've been doing this long enough to not take that for granted...so thankful for this family that God has brought into our lives to work alongside, to encourage each other, to live life with, to pray for, to love on each other's children, to help each other, to wipe tears and help through illness, to partner in ministry, to sweat and cry and laugh and Zika together, to vision and feed and care for each other, to serve alongside...we have many dear relationships in Haiti, and these are some that we cherish most.   Very thankful.

It was so good to have some time with Craig and Deb in Atlanta!!

Lily says she never wants to see another suitcase, and she wants to go home where she at least knows where her socks are.  Priorities :)

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