10 August 2016


This has been quite the missions trip to America.

Just last night we had dinner with a couple who has a lot of questions about our God, about His Word, and it was such a gift for me to sit beside and watch Matt transform into missionary Matt.  Doesn't matter where we are or who we're with or what language it's in...He loves to help people know God's Word better, loves to help people seek. And I love getting to know them better, praying with them, encouraging them.

And while Haiti, heading into our TENTH year, feels a lot more like home then anywhere else, it's still very much so heading to the mission field.  Another one.  A different one.

...where people have a lot of questions about God, a lot of questions about His Word, and a great need to know Him, to know Him better, to be encouraged, to be loved, to be prayed for.

And just as it was a gift to share Jesus last night in Ft. Myers, it will be a gift to share Jesus again tomorrow in Haiti, and to keep on sharing Jesus around the world, right here.

We've been doing this blog for TEN YEARS.  Have any of you been following along that long?  Just crazy.

Each year Matt and I spend some deliberate time reflecting on the upcoming year in Haiti.  We want to go, even now, even still, because He's calling us to go.  We want to embrace whatever He's leading us to embrace.  We want to put down what He's ready for us to put down, want to pick up what He's got ahead, want to be Spirit-drawn and Spirit-led and Spirit-empowered and Spirit-poured.

We're praying for His strength, praying for His wisdom, praying for His grace and protection for our children and that we might rely on Him more and more, grow in our faith, grow in Him.

We're praying for our students, also preparing to return, praying for the new men and women God is sending.  We're praying for our professors, from around the world and throughout Haiti, as they get ready to be teaching God's Word at Emmaus again.  We pray for all of their churches, families, communities, as so many continue to live in such darkness.  We pray to He in whom there IS no darkness.

We're ready to keep on leaning, leaning into Him, wherever we are, whoever we're with, come what may.

I'm so thankful that He knows what this new year brings, and is ready.

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  1. I will be praying every day for your work, your family and all that you do. Having been to the country of Haiti seven times, I see the need and love the people (it would be hard not to!).