12 June 2016

keeping up!

Oh man.  Do you ever feel like you can hardly keep up with your own life?

Maybe it's having small children...maybe it's sleep depravity...maybe it's the crazy, suffocating heat...Maybe it's just me :)

Let me catch you up.

This past week was both girls' last days of school.

I am so thankful for the special schools they both attend, full of really special men and women who teach and pour into our children.
Lily has LOVED having Met. Olnick this year, and she has grown so much under his patience and wisdom!
And Sofie is devastated to be graduating from Madame Erin...Erin is SO patient and creative and FUN...we have been SO blessed to have her in our lives and caring for our sweet Sofie.
A bunch of Sof's girl friends from school are coming to play tomorrow for Sofie's birthday...she is SO excited!  (Sof finally figured out that if she stands on the curb, she's as tall as her classmates :)

Very thankful for God's mighty faithfulness through Pillatre Christian Center and through Kids Alive! schools this year!!!
Rick and Carol, Bill and Julie Edler, their dad and sons all came in this past week, and while Carol and I have been catching up in the finance office, Rick and Phil have been knocking out lots of maintenance projects, the rest of our team has been taking turns being crazy sick, and the Edlers have been trying to get adjusted to a 6 hour time change, and truly intense heat.  Apparently Northern Ireland is a little less scorching. 

Saturday, the girls went to the beach with fabulous Rachel (our friend who is here helping us this three weeks) and almost 20 other kids for Jake B's birthday party, and we spent our golden anniversary (11 on the 11th) preparing for our upcoming missions trip to America. 
Matt's version: worked on his doctorate all day.  Will pack Friday morning for our Friday noon flight.

Stacey's version: 4 loads of laundry, packing all suitcases, inventoried what we have and need to buy in the States, packed snacks and games for the girls on the plane, diapers, toiletries, shoes, books, homeschool materials, prayer cards, medicine, medical paperwork...and asking Matt if he's SURE he doesn't want to pack.

When that is your anniversary...you realize you are old.

Sunday morning we headed to the church we were supposed to attend last weekend but were too sick, worshipping with the congregation who has worked and persevered to raise the money for this little chapel after outgrowing their home church.

Matt preached through Genesis about God being GOD, and I was blessed, especially, to worship with Micheline (our long time friend and the girl's nanny), her sister Elsie, her mom, and their children (most of which are children of family members and friends who could not afford to keep them).

After that we headed to town because the ONLY thing you can do when it's summer in Haiti is spend your sabbath in the pool.
At noon, Matt headed to the airport and picked up Dr. Charles Lake and Dr. David Long, good friends here to teach Emmaus' FIRST course in our new Master's program!  They are teaching a course on humility in the life of the pastor, and 15 alumni, both recent and from long ago, will be a part of the class.  

Between seeing friends and saying goodbyes this week, making sure the Edler's are good to go, the Master's course, and the team of 20 youth from White Clay Church arriving on Tuesday...this is a really big week.  Thank you for your prayers!

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