11 May 2016

count the ways

One day at a time, one day at a time...
Sweet and busy!

The short version?

Awesome 4th year banquet, celebrating with their friends and family and staff members...
Getting ready for graduation...which in Haiti, looks like this:

painted hats (not to be worn, but for decoration)
painted trees (with a homemade lye paint that lasts about a year)
and butchering.  There will be 200 alumni here tomorrow for alumni day, and 200 again on Friday after graduation.  There is a LOT happening in the kitchen right now.

Which doesn't mean Taco Tuesday has been put on hold :)

so good--as good as the time together is.

We have a a little family who are good friends of ours who are in desperate need of a home. Pregnant with their third, we had to do something. 

A few days later, they brought the girls a gift.

They were far too thrilled.  
After playing with him for a good long time, they wanted to eat him.
After enjoying every single ounce of that, they wanted to do an art project.

And after enjoying every single ounce of THAT, everyone goes to bed and I'm left with this on my countertop:

Ah, the life of missionary kids.  
Not being one myself, I am just along for the ride.

Along for the ride.  So thankful for how He is MORE than faithful, 
and how this season counts the ways.

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  1. You may not have been a missionary kid.....But you are a great missionary Mom!!