24 April 2016


Well, hello.  What a week full of ups and downs! 
The hardest part of the week being Rosa :(
She's been interning at EBS since last February, and become a very dear friend to us all.  She unexpectedly had to return to Jersey on Thursday to minister to her family, and as happy as we were to send Christ-in-Rosa off to another mission field...well, it's hard, isn't it.  
The girls adore her, though none more than Nora :)

...as do the staff and students

We just  all hated to see her go...

thankful she is faithful, thankful that is all that He requires. 
We miss you, Rosa!!

Meanwhile, Dodo and Bubba are here!
When the girlies were little they lived alongside of us here, and now they are back just for a few days to check on some work their church is involved in, and to visit!  It's been so good for all five of us to have time with Dodo and Bubba!  
They were also able to accompany us on Saturday for an awesome day with our other young EBS intern...

Andrew has been with us since February, and it was such a gift to be a part of his baptism on Saturday!

It was awesome, just powerful!

  Thankful for these months with Andrew and for the new life we we have in Christ.

Finally, Lily took this shot for me Friday afternoon.

Around two I had to run up to my office to grab a book, and was surprised to still find Jodenel working.  Instead of registering students or doing payroll, however, he was in the middle of training one of our students and one of our alumni to be disciplers using the Reaching the Heart of Haiti discipleship materials Growth Ministries and Dr. Charles Lake has developed.  

As I listened in, I was just so touched...by how practical and needed the material was,  by Jodenel's heart, patience and clarity as he trained them to disciple those in their churches and communities, especially the many who cannot read, and by the guys' excitement to learn and to be able to disciple others in Christ!  

It is one thing to identify a great need for discipleship, and another thing to see that need being practically and passionately filled without you even knowing it, all on a Friday afternoon!

God is faithful.

He is at work in ways we see, if we would look.
He's at work in ways we do NOT see, even as we look.
He's at work in ways we may never see.

May we trust.

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  1. Great stories and pictures... thanks for sharing!