27 April 2016

Kote w'ap ale?

And we're back...sorry, I've been sick and trying to get to bed earlier. Not great for blogging... Fighting another bad cold, which seems ironic with all this heat :)

Dodo and Bubba left yesterday after a lovely week with them!  The girls loved having grandparents for the week to read to them and love on them, and it was such a blessing to have some good time with the McCluskey's!  Nora also quite enjoyed all the special food they brought...her first time having yogurt and cheese and blueberries!

We also got to have Bud (known as Mr. Silly Bud in this house) for dinner one night, and the girls somehow remembered that last time he was here, he taught them a little game called "gallop and trot."  They were thrilled he remembered, and in hysterics...very fun to have old friends who once called Haiti home in our home.

Meanwhile, I taught my last English class of the year, English 2 on Monday, and now we're all getting ready for final exams next week!  This was my ninth year teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) and every year I am more and more convinced that one, English is an incredibly difficult language to learn, and two, that I am incredibly blessed to struggle and laugh through it with these brothers and sisters.
What a great way to get to know each other, and live life alongside.
A lot of time is also being spent right now getting ready for graduation...
These 8, plus 6 non-traditional students from a few hours from here, are all graduating in May, Lord willing!
Graduation is always so bittersweet...Love sending them out.  Hate seeing them go.  Pray for these men and women with us, will you?
Finally, we're spending a lot of time lately getting ready for summer teams!  With one team in May, 2 in June and another in August, and a new missionary family moving to Emmaus in June, there is a lot to prepare!  Our summer team shirts came the other day, and they look so good!

Our team was divided on the t-shirt design, with Matt and Phil pushing for this one...

If you know Matt and Phil, you will not be surprised.

But THIS is the one we ended up with...
"Where are you going?"
the front asks with the most common form of transportation in Haiti, a tap-tap.
Very thankful to have many people answer that question with "EBS Haiti" this summer!

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