13 April 2016

this weekend!

Two major ministry outreaches are happening this weekend, and I'm EXCITED about both of them.  We already committed to helping give some friends 24 beautiful hours of kid-free time, so we have to miss Saturday, but Sunday we are all in!

First of all, Emmaus has arranged NONE of these....everything going on this weekend is entirely student motivated and student led!

Friday, a group of 15 students are going to Au Bois, an incredibly hard to reach mountain church several hours drive and hike from here for a weekend of ministry alongside alumni Brave Lucien.  They are leading revival services Friday, Saturday and Sunday, door to door praying and sharing the Gospel with everyone they find, leading times of prayer, and then finishing with Matt preaching Sunday morning and all the students coming home with us.

The people of Au Bois are incredibly cut off, incredibly traditional and engrained in a lot of darkness, and last time were immensely touched that someone cared enough about them, and Jesus, to share him with them. 

Matt and I have only been once, but LOVED being there, and are very excited to worship with the little congregation there again!
Gorgeous.  Can't wait to worship the Creator alongside of our staff, students, brothers and sisters in Au Bois!  (Pronounced "Oh Boy")

Meanwhile, a different 22 students (you know, the 22 really skinny ones who want to fit in the van) are spending their Saturday at a place referred to as a "poor house."  It is a large home in Grande Riviere that takes in the people nobody wants.

I know the idea of a poor house seems a bit strange when Haiti is already thought of by most of the world as BEING very poor.  How poor do you have to be in the poorest country in the western hemisphere to live in a poor house?

But in Haiti, that is what it IS to be poor.  To be a person--either an elderly person, or an orphan, or a sick or handicapped person--that nobody wants.  

Similar to the day the students worked at the severely handicapped center, their plan is to simply love on the people there...washing them, feeding them a meal, braiding hair, providing some new clothes, praying with each person and just sitting and talking with them. 

I'm already in tears.  And it hasn't happened yet, and I have no stories and I have no pictures.

I h-a-t-e to be missing out on this.  
Someone remind me that I have three small children and cannot do every single ministry opportunity.    

I love that our students aren't.

And I love that those who nobody wants will be very much so wanted this weekend with Jesus through some really special men and women.

And I love that those who nobody reaches will be spending the weekend with Jesus through some other really special men and women.  

I love that those who are far from successful, far from important, far from affluent, far from impressive are not far from loved.  

Never have been.
And that they will be reminded of that, told that, shown that this weekend.

Whatever you have going on this weekend, please be praying for Emmaus as we give the never-ceasing, always-pursing, never-abandoning, totally transforming, never-lacking Love of the Father.  

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