15 April 2016


Matt is safely home, having used up every single ounce of energy he possessed teaching and preaching and spending great time with just so. many. great. people (thank you all you great Jersey/Philly family!!) and madame, I don't know who you are who gave him a bag of Yorks, but BLESS you many times over.  It is such a beautiful country we live in...but it's complete inability to own ANY chocolate other than chocolate pods (really not as good as they sound) is SUCH a travesty.
We have all officially drooled over Matt's account of every single American food he ate the whole time...and are a little mad at him.

And now, with four little girls giggling to high heaven, there is no one more exhausted than me :)  I'm going to bed, and will be up in the morning to see off our students to the poor house outside Cap-Haitien.

I have this conviction and journey of forgiveness to share, and have had it written and re-written 6 times in my head...but I'm too tired to get it down tonight!  Tomorrow, and please be praying with us for our students and the men and women and children they are reaching out to, by faith!

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