03 February 2016

with joy

When I groaningly rolled out of bed this morning, Matt already had a cup of coffee in each hand, and the same groan on his lips.  There were girls to get off to school, reporting to do with Carol, our Wednesday weekly article to be written and sent, a 2+ hour Academic Convocation service, the girls to pick up, prayer meeting with Matt teaching at the Heckmans, and dinner for all the visitors (read, 11) at our house...so cooking throughout the day.

We decided to tackle one thing at a time, and while I don't think I could do today again tomorrow...
it. was. awesome.

The Academic Convocation was just fantastic.  
I mean, it was just really good.  This is a special class, a special student body, a special staff, and that just emulated through every part of the service.  
Second, third and fourth year students were thrilled to hem first year in, and to remember the days when they were called into Emmaus.
Alumni, an EBS board member, visiting professors, area pastors, moms, dads, girlfriends, family members and children joined us, making it an extra special day and making first year extra excited.
This is a side note, but I was really proud of my husband.  His focus on relationships, even in formal services through humor, humility, transparency and obvious passion for God's Word, makes events become about what they should be about.  Today, that wasn't about accomplishment or pride or pomp and circumstance, but about the joy of being called into community to study and give God's Word.  

It was great.  I love him.

Here, the first year class is reading through their commitment to be a holy and active part of His body, and the staff and upper class students are committing to pray for them, serve them, and live alongside them as His family.
And here, Haylie and I are proving that 2 hours in, we were still awake.  I'm NOT so sure about the guy behind Haylie, though :)
This little dude was so cute...future Emmaus, maybe.
People area ALWAYS asking me how Banan Peze, or fried squashed plantain, is made...Here's Paulcine, making enough for 200 people.

I'm very thankful for this class, thankful for this family.  It was with tears that several of our first year students accepted Matt's official welcome on behalf of EBS to the Emmaus family...and it was because for several of them, coming to Jesus, coming to Emmaus, pursing His Word meant LOSING their families, losing their homes.

He restores what is lost, works in broken and alone, and hearing the students sing out their commitment to go where He calls them to go, to be who He calls them to be, with joy...blessed my heart.

Matt may have gone to bed at 7:30 tonight, but by His grace, we did it...and by His grace, 
with joy.


  1. Wonderful....beautiful....awsome.

  2. I miss EBS and all of you. It was a very special visit this time and I can't wait to come back next year. Love what you are doing there to train up God's people for ministry. Love you all so much.