20 January 2016

visitors and battles

It's hard to believe that our first session of intensives is already drawing to a close...and that our lovely fourth year students are getting close to graduating!

This was Brooks first time in Haiti and teaching at Emmaus, and we're so thankful to have had him working through Spiritual Disciples and warfare with Blaise at his side.  Jonas is also promoting Brooks book, apparently :)
Last time Larry taught at Emmaus, he only had four students.  When another visiting professor had to cancel, his class joined with Larry's, giving him over 40 students this time!  They've been meeting in the chapel and every time I'm through there, are engaged in all kinds of interesting discussions, like "How are women saved through childbearing?" from 1 Timothy 2 :)  

This week continues to be peppered with strong reminders of a fact that we sometimes forget : that Haiti, that the mission field, that EVERY mission field, that the world is a BATTLEFIELD.  God is not the only one pursing people.  So is darkness, so is fear, so is hatred, so is evil, so is Satan.  

As Christians, we are all working on the FRONT LINES to win hearts and lives for the Lord...we are deliberatley blaring clarifying and freeing Light into mean, confusing, evil, violent darkness.  

Sometimes we get cruising along in ministry and we forget that it's a Battle.

This week hasn't been one of those times.

So instead of being defeated, we are choosing to take courage, clinging to the Word of God and to the knowledge that He is victorious, and we are in Him.  

Persevering.  The added awareness to the battle around us drives us to our knees, and we are praying with you and for you as you pray with and for us and those around us.  Thank you!

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