17 January 2016


We all agreed...when you come to Haiti, we're taking you to Granny's.
We are privileged between all our staff and students to go to some pretty fantastic churches.  
And we're incredibly blessed to get to worship with brothers and sisters from all over northern Haiti.  But Gran's might just be our favorite.
His presence is heavy, the community is precious, the worship is sincere, the congregation is diverse, the fellowship is so welcoming and the Gospel.  Well, the Gospel is ALWAYS good.

Matt got to surprise preach today, and took us through 1 Samuel 1...God was WITH him and just spoke so powerfully through him today.  Wish you'd been there...
After, we walked to Granny's house for a bit to hang out, drink from coconuts and pray with her before we headed on our way.
Brooks and Larry are here teaching with us this intensive sessions, Pauline Epistles and Spiritual Warfare.
Matt had Granny and her daughter Bevley in stitches.
Talking to God with Granny is always a gift.

All five of us are in different stages of colds tonight with a big week ahead of us...but so thankful for Sabbath and His faithful presence today!

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