09 September 2015


It has been a crazy couple of days with some big changes!  

The hardest of those being these guys heading back to Canada.
Having Rick and Carol here these first few weeks back in Haiti was truly having Jesus living with us. Every practical way they could possibly have shown us His love and care, they did and were.  They did dishes.  They held screaming baby and played with energetic kiddos.  They listened, they helped, they fixed and treated and gave.  They brought in special groceries, they taught us new games and brought in new movies.  Rick worked alongside of Phil doing a million tasks in the 100+ degree sun, and Carol spent countless hours in my office, training Jodenel, going through all the finances of the summer and catching them all up, doing board reports, training me, being there when I couldn't be, making QuickBooks and Excel do things I can't make them do, taught Lily Suduko, took us to the beach and pool....

But in addition to all of the things they did, the biggest blessing of the Folkeringas is who they ARE.  

They were endlessly patient, continually kind, consistently sacrificial.  They literally never complained, never said "no" (even when Rick had all of his tools out, did all of our fix-it jobs, asked if there was ANYTHING else and was told no, only to find a new list left for him like the next day), they were quick to serve and serve and serve.

What a testimony and fleshing out of His grace in our lives they have been...I could NOT have asked for a greater and more needed gift as we transitioned back home.  SO THANKFUL.  Wish they were here all the time.
The morning they left, Matt and Leme left bright and early for Port-au-Price to finally finally finally purchase a van we've been needing and praying for for an incredibly long time.  With so many new students, 10 visiting teams this upcoming year, lots of visiting professors, 10 just in our two families...we have needed this larger form of transportation literally every single day.  

The girls might actually get to ride NOT on someone's lap!!   
This baby was obviously made for Haiti : The only temperature control is cold to colder :)
Thank you for your help and prayers as this van is being prepared to take visitors, pastors, evangelists, teachers, ministry teams, Christ-followers and servants throughout Haiti!  So grateful for the individuals and churches that He used to make this possible!
The evenings give us a slight break from the heat of the day...and we love walking around after dinner catching up with students, catching up with each other's days and marveling at His creation...These were last night...

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  1. I am so thankful you had Rick and Carol in your life during this time...Praying for all your needs and loving you all.....