08 September 2015

back to school...

 Yesterday most schools in Haiti resumed for the year, and these two girlies were downright thrilled to be heading off to school again! 

 I can't BELIEVE this is Lily's FOURTH year at Pillatre Christian School, a huge school about 2 miles down the road where most of the children from our village go.  
We'll continue homeschooling with Sonlight in English Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and in between, but Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Lily and Sofie both head off to Haitian school to learn in Creole and French, to study Haitian history and culture and to be with their friends!
Sofie is at Kids Alive again this year, another awesome school/children's village two miles in the opposite direction of Lily's.  While Lily's class has around 60 kids (and that's just one of the second grade classes), Sofie's class has 8 this year...which works out well for her!

Everybody made sure to kiss Nora goodbye, and they were sure that she was very jealous.  I'm sure that Nora will never be old enough to go to school. :)
After 20 minutes gone, Lily was returned home, quite devestated.  Pillatre decided to start next Monday, instead.  6 am hair braiding session wasted. 

Sofie, on the other hand, had the best day ever.
There is only one other girl in her class, Angel, and Sofie chattered on about her all afternoon.  
I'm so so thankful they both have such wonderful schools, teachers and friends, and this opportunity for both of them to grow in so many ways among the special people God has called us to as a family.

It was also Emmaus' first day of the second intensive!  There was less hair braiding and no cute uniforms, but it was still an awesome start.  
Our very own Junior is teaching Missiology to first year...I LOVE that he teaches this course and love hearing all the feedback.  His take on God's mission for each of us is just powerful.  The heat in that packed out room, also powerful.  Two students had to move so that I could get in the door to take this picture...we are busting at the seams!
Dr. Leroy Lindsay is here for the seventh time, teaching the Holiness class to our third year students!

David Dick is here for the second time, teaching our Islam course to fourth year students.  They'll also be visiting the mosque in Cap-Haitian next week with David.
Charles Lake is here to teach Principles of Evangelism to our second year students, but started a day late and so I haven't gotten a photo yet.  

So thankful for these fantastic professors and the all of the experience, expertise and Spirit that they bring.  Just eating dinner together in the evenings makes us excited for the opportunity our students have to learn alongside of these men, who are just as excited to be learning alongside of the students.

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