01 September 2015

Aha!  For the first time since Friday evening, we have internet!!  You have no idea how much of what you do--from Googling how to get baby to realize that day is night and night is day to responding to emails to even using the wireless printers--relies on internet!!

We're not totally sure what all was going on, but it was NOT storm Erika, which missed us entirely.  SO THANKFUL to be back online...we've felt out of touch with the world :)  Will get caught back up today, Lord willing!

Here's what you missed!!!

lots of playing with friends...
The death and eating of the turkey Ezechiel gave us last year...

lots of baby time

An awesome and 600 degrees church service with our brothers and sisters in Flavil (Belony's church)

This was the worst Erika got...overcast
and so one very overcast beach day :)

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