13 August 2015

laying it all on Him.

Our last evening in Ohio was just lovely...hiking at our favorite park, enjoying a true hint of fall in the air,  being us five, talking about whatever the girls came up with.
After a full crazy day of packing and cleaning, it was perfect.
As anxious as we all are to finally go home, our time in Ohio this summer has been incredibly sweet...trips to the Columbus Zoo, ballet classes, the pool, even just trips to Meijer and playgrounds and hiking.
I drive myself crazy.  

So happy to finally be going home, and yet can't help but feel sad over leaving home.  Change, man, it always hits me hard. 
Quite surprisingly, the park ranger taking out the trash prayed for us before we left, and God reminded me that the secret to being content is laying it all on Him.  Wherever we are, wherever we go, He is. However the girls are, they are His.  Tomorrow and the next day, Nora's passport, where we sleep each night, it's all His.  He who never changes and has never failed.

I can live with that.
A good friend came over today, too, and took a few family pictures for us...If they're not going to stop growing and changing, I'll at least have some proof that there was a day when my little family was little.  

So sweet, these two.

We head to Florida tomorrow afternoon.  Thank you for your prayers!

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