15 August 2015


Nora's first flights went off without a hitch and we are all safely in Florida with Grammy, PopPop, Uncle Casey and Aunt Laura, Nico and Lucia!

One year, three kiddos, 6 bags.  It doesn't seem bad...but trying to move six bags around with three said kiddos makes it feel like 20 :)

Sofie likes being a Florida girl, and everyone agrees this feels a whole lot more like Haiti than Ohio did!

Nora and I had the extra special chance to drive 30 minutes and crash the last day of Torell family vacation...so good to see Craig, Deb, James, Ben and my dear friend Elisa, even if only for a while, and for them to meet Nora, who shares "Joy" with Elisa!
Nora decided she quite liked Miss Deb :)

So thankful for this dear friend.
This isn't the best photo, but dear Nico was just LOVING loving on Nora today...so cute!
No passport yet...keeping an eye out and enjoying long overdue time with family while we do!!

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