05 July 2015


What a gift these past few days have been!  Lily and I are in Sabetha, Kansas, Lily getting to boat and play with sparklers and be with some of her very dearest friends, Ethan and Haylie.  I'm getting to spend precious time with Martin and Sharon, Phil and Emily (and getting to catch up on Haiti!!), the Ackermans and several other friends who have become dear over the years we've been coming to Kansas or through Haiti.

This morning, Sharon even hosted a really lovely baby shower for Miss Nora with some really special women.  Not only did they bless us greatly with some truly thoughtful and beautiful gifts, but they also set aside focused time on circling Nora in prayer and praying Scripture for her.  Not only was that really humbling and meaningful for me, but it was also such a deep "slow down and remember" moment.

Slow down and remember how much He values and cares for and listens to my prayers for my children...slow down and remember how important it is to be deliberately clinging to Him each day in prayer as I mother...slow down and remember how precious this time is and how important as I minister to and disciple these little ones.

What an honor just to be reminded, to be sincerely prayed for, to be friended by women just out of love.

I'm computer-less and can't figure out how to share pictures, but I will as soon as we're back to Ohio.

Tomorrow we get to worship with our NorthRidge family, and have the privilege of hearing Phil and Emily share in both services and through Sunday school!

Matt and Sofie are cherishing their weekend together...so thankful for them!!

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