12 June 2015

We are on the road again, very happily on our way to Cape Hatteras, where we're meeting Uncle Don and Aunt Brenda for a few days of family vacation at Brenda's mom's home!

For as long as we've known Don, he's talked about their favorite place in the world, fishing and being at the quiet beaches of Cape Hatteras, enjoying Nana's cooking...we're so excited to be in on the fun this time, and I know this sounds pathetic, but we miss the beach!!  It is Lily, Sofie and I's favorite place in the world (any beach :), and Matt's just happy to be back with his girls and to have Uncle Don to balance us out!

We're halfway through our 10 hour drive and have been sewing bookmarks, coloring maps, reading books and watched Garfield between stopping at Chick-fil-A playgrounds every 3-4 hours.  This mama is very thankful to have our family back together and to be on our way to join some more :)

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