13 June 2015


Today was just the day we've been wanting and needing.  In a word, it felt like vacation!  
After an incredibly long day yesterday, today was a 30 second drive to a gorgeous beach, beautiful shells, schools of dolphins, awesome waves, great friends, and blissfully happy girls.
They a-d-o-r-e the beach!
Sofie played in the sand the entire day,

And Lily would NOT get out of the water.  She never stopped diving, swimming, running or moving the entire day.  Even tonight as she was falling asleep in her LEGOs, she was still asking if we can go back tomorrow.

So thankful for these few days away, to be together, for Nana taking good care of us, for such pure and simple joys for our girls, for Uncle Don and Aunt Brenda playing with and enjoying the girls almost as much as the girls are enjoying them, for time with Matt, for the beauty of His creation...for vacation.

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