16 June 2015


What a blissful few days, just beaching.  

There are few simple joys in life like listening to your children continually giggle, watching them laugh in the waves and listening to their memories of the day all evening.  Watching your kids happy and having fun, together...it's a joy, no matter what they're doing.
They simply love the beach!
This has been the simplest and most refreshing vacation we may have ever taken, just spending the days at Nana's house coloring and playing with the gino-cat or playing in the sand or in the waves.
Today, the girlies made a friend who just wanted ANYONE to throw the ball with them.

"Don't let the water get you" is one of their dozen new favorite games :)

I told you the cat was enormous.  Try 27 pounds...the same weight as SOFIE.

We are just so incredibly thankful for this time...for all of Nana's making-us-at-home hospitality, for the way Don and Brenda family us, playing with the girls, packing lunches and even bringing the girls coloring books and necklace kits and legos to play with, being dear friends...letting us rest.  Resting with us.
It is a joy, it is deeply nourishing, and it is preparing us.  We needed this.  

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