18 June 2015


Today was our last day in North Carolina and our last day on the beach...I'm not sure how many more beach days we'd have to have before we were READY for that to be true.

I know Don and Brenda and Elaine didn't take a precious week of vacation, drive 7 hours, buy groceries, get up early with the girls, take us to the beach everyday, spoil the girlies, give up their bedrooms, share their cat with us, make special food for us and love on us for a week because we are "missionaries".  
I know they just did all that because they are our dear friends...who love us.  (Yes, this is the largest cat I have ever seen in my life.)
But man alive, was it all something missionaries need.
Something families in full-time ministry need.
Something we ALL need.
Just to be taken away, to enjoy friendship, allowed to enjoy His creation, and loved on.
For a family that is always cook cook cooking, we were cooked for.
For a family always hosting, we were so well hosted.
For a family always trying to bless, we were so blessed.
For a family always trying to teach, we were so lovingly taught.
For a family always trying to reach out, we were reached.
For a family who has always tried to work so hard, they worked hard.
And for all the times we've tried and failed, they still just loved us well, and let us rest, and let us be us, let the girls be girls, and let us enjoy life for a few days.
I'm so thankful we had this time!
Lily announced tonight, "That was so so fun.  Now can we go back to Haiti?"  
I keep reminding her we have to wait for Nora...but now that she's had a picture perfect week in the surf, she is a brown bean and ready to go home :)
Thankful for Don and Brenda and Elaine and for so many of you who bless us just by precious FRIENDSHIP... We must keep on sharing our lives with each other, with others...it is through those relationships that God works so deeply.
Friday, we head North to Philadelphia for Evie's first birthday and to visit some of Matt's family!!

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  1. So very glad you guys had that fun week!!! So needed and so necessary!