28 May 2015


A quick testimony from over Matt's way...

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I just received a string of testimonies from students at EBS who are participating in an orality-based discipleship program developed by EBS friend and co-worker, Dr. Charles Lake.
Briefly on the program, it includes a solar-powered audio device with lessons, the New Testament, and spiritual songs and stories all in Haitian Creole.267056
One of the program facilitators (former student of EBS and now manager of the EBS library) was charging his device in the sun on the roof of his home. When he went to get it he found that it was stolen. After two weeks of not hearing anything, he finally received news that someone heard the audio device playing lessons and scripture from inside a voodoo temple! The (female) witchdoctor (Mambo) had been listening to it.
Prior to this, the Mambo was known to perform magical rituals, spells, and incantations to protect her family from harm. After listening to the device, she told her family, “The only place we can go to find life and protection is in the church.” She refused to perform any magic for protection from that point forward and her family began attending church.
The local church had special welcoming committee for the witchdoctor and her family. While she has yet to publicly confess Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior, she’s been attending regularly with her family.
Praise be to God for deviling people from darkness and fear!

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