24 March 2015

victory and grace

What full days these are!  What a full life it is.

I've been pondering so much lately all these chances we get.  We get so many chances, we Christ-followers, to invest, to disciple, to forgive, to be patient, to listen,  to give, to show compassion, to grow, to serve.  To Trust.  All in each day.

Yes, that is also a lot of chances NOT to invest, to be too busy, to hold grudges, to lose our patience, to neglect, to keep, to scorn, to stay, to self.  To worry.  All in each day.

I'm just so grateful He has more than conquered death, more than conquered the grave, more than conquered sin.  More than conquered my flesh.

There are still so many times I open my big mouth when I should be silent...when I say no when I should say yes...when I say yes when I should say no...when I feel my heart breaking but don't know what to do so I don't...when I feel my patience waning...when I get irritated and am slow to forgive, begging Him all the while to be quick.

I'm so thankful for His Spirit, helping me these busy tired days, conquering so many of my temptations to let myself shine through...that which He already died for.

So thankful for His grace and hand when I live short...so thankful He continues to work.

Our interns are both lovely and hard workers.  Charles Lake is a blessing as always, leading dozens of students, staff and alumni in discipleship training.  This week is our last week before Easter Break, something we ALL are ready for!  Missions trips and evangelical efforts over this break are in final planning stages, and the realities of trying to head out a bit early this year for a deliberate time of rest, doctors appointments and refreshing of Him are settling in.  There is a LOT to do before then.  Claudin and his wife are expecting their baby (hope, hope, pray, pray, trust trust after losing so many dear babies) any day, Lucner's wife, Fanfan's wife and Matt's wife are growing daily with her, Jodenel is learning more and more in the finance office.

And lots of chances for Him to be glorified in the midst...

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