22 March 2015


As Kara worships healed and free in His sweet presence tonight, I'm amazed again how this dear friend I've never met has pointed me to Jesus again and again so powerfully.  As I mourn for her husband and four precious children, I celebrate for the ways she trusted Jesus, for the ways she reminded me of His sweet goodness in the midst of incomprehensible suffering, for the ways she has made me unspeakably grateful for nothing more than to be His daughter.

She claimed His love and grace would meet her children today and be enough, though she didn't claim to understand it.  I don't understand how His love and grace has met me every day since I was that child, but He has.  And been enough.

More than.

May I live, just today, as faithfully as she died.


  1. I posted on facebook, she was the friend that I never met, but she reached down deep and touched my life. I am so sorry for her family's great loss. And like you I don't understand it all, but Jesus is always enough.....