14 March 2015


If you're picturing life being exciting around here right now, I guess you would be right.  Crazy would be another word.

Pretty sure Emmaus has never had so many languages and cultures and functions in one place at one time!

All morning Saturday was spent running around like crazy, coordinating cleaning and cooking, setting up the meeting place,  thinking of last minute things (like soap! paper towels! bottled water!) in a place with no last minute shopping places.

While Emily's crew was setting up the meeting place and cafeteria in an American business fashion (coffee/tea table, laptop charging stations) the student crew was also setting up the library and cafeteria in Haitian celebration fashion (a LOT of velvet, glitter and balloons.)  Both groups were working not to offend the other, and to find a good, professional, sparkly middle ground.
Matt utterly detests tulle and balloons, but we all worked hard to help him make happy compromises :)  It does look a bit like we're having a funeral in the cafeteria.  But.
It's a lovely funeral.

The canal is finished and everything put away, the water leak long since resolved, we have five happy kids and four busy adults with five cats under one roof, Matt's preaching at church tomorrow and dear Mano's memorial service is tomorrow afternoon at 2.  I'm officially past the halfway pregnant mark, the wind is kicking us beautiful breezy days and He is faithfully reminding us how faithful He is.

I have a beautiful testimony tomorrow of how...It will give me a good reason to sit down!

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