16 March 2015

opportunities galore!

So. Exhausted! :)

There is just a LOT of stuff you don't think of.  Like, everyone is on a different time zone.  Or that not everyone speaks English.  Nor Creole.  Nor French.  That not everyone would be registered.  That some participants would show up at night.  Like, after 9 pm.  That having participants staying on three different campuses would create lots of excitement and opportunities for good car time.  That not all culture like cold drinks.  Which took days to get cold and can't be instantly luke-warmed :)

That all of Haiti's schools would be doing standardized testing this week, which means our girls have to go every day, early and stay late...adding two extra campuses to the carpool and extra dark morning hours to the late nights.

Also weren't really thinking about still having classes to teach, Matt's preaching in chapel, there is a huge program tonight at the radio station, a memorial service yesterday...Life goes on!

Thank you for all your prayers.  I'm thanking Him for so many opportunities to depend on our cherished community...Haylie playing in the sprinkler with the kids, Abel running here and there, Leme on call all the time, Brent doing tours...and for so many opportunities to serve in so many small ways and the ways that He reminds me that unto Him, they are glorious.

Even searching high and low for incredibly necessary men's hair gel.

That awesome testimony is coming!

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