07 March 2015

catch up photos

What a few days!  The Sleasman's came on Thursday and first helped out by preaching in chapel in my place on Friday.

Then, they wonderfully brought popsicles.
This morning, the girls totally woke me up by sticking this thing in my face, and then singing this song, which they must have been practicing all morning...
"We gotta lizard skull - yeah - yeah! Yesterday it had meat on it, meat on it! But today, the ants ate it clean, sooooooo clean! We gotta lizard skull, yeah - yeah!"
On our way to town this morning we got to show the Sleasman's how we pour roofs around here...really is impressive to watch!

It was a GORGEOUS day.  perfect.
After playing for a while,
We all were able to witness Zoe's baptism...so special!

Lily was so overjoyed for her new friend!

I've never seen the girls have such a good time at the beach.  Turns out peers are more fun than parents :)
Well, except for Matt.  He's always pretty fun.

Tomorrow, we're joining Enick and our brothers and sisters on the mountain.
Yes, we are hiking the mountain at 20 weeks pregnant with 5 kids.  It's gonna be fun!  Which means more great pictures tomorrow!

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