05 March 2015

After several days with stuffy sniffy kids and a stuffy sniffy husband, they are now all stuffy, sniffy and HAPPY.  The girls big dream of "someday, someone will come and BRING their children" has been realized.  Brent and Julie are here for a few weeks and brought their 8, 6 and 4 year old with them!  The kids hit it off immediately, showing off pets and lizards and friends, and the kiddos from Erie are quite thrilled to have their shoes off and sun on their faces.

Brent is here to help us with this big CETA consultation,  the preparation for which has become a very constant part of each day.  We're trusting the Lord will bless our efforts and be glorified through all these meetings and the community of so many other seminaries and Bible colleges throughout the Carribean.

Meanwhile, our staff is helping us step it up, buying mattresses and cases of cokes, learning how to make French toast, copying keys, putting together name tags, helping us find vehicles, etc.

Fun pictures tomorrow!

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