06 February 2015

one mountain at a time.

Yesterday was some day.

This week has been some week.

Scratch all that.

Life is some life, man.

Yesterday, that life included a lot of illness and quite a few frustrations.  All of which, of course, He met.  (note: I didn't say fixed.  He's not my genie.  But met.  Which is oftentimes far sweeter.)

I'm just not feeling well.  I started the day awfully sick only to realize I had missed the appointed hour for class pictures.  Nobody seemed to care, and we got awfully good ones, anyway.

Which I'd love to show you.  But of course, our internet issues.  I'm blessed to be blogging.  I'm a million miles away from being able to show you a picture.

Frustration.  No end in sight.

So I battle with that for a bit, and am now far sicker than I was when I woke up.  Matt takes me home, only to say, "I KNOW you want to lay down, but you've GOT to come see this."

So I head to the kitchen with Lily and Sofie squealing, and there is a live huge turkey.  In my kitchen.

Ezechiel had told me he had a gift for us, which I thought would be a pineapple.

So I rested to the squeals of the girls and their beloved turkey and the smell of said beloved turkey, who couldn't stay outside for long due to Doberman.

I begged Him to meet my every prone-to-worry heart as I tried to rest with pain, and He did.  Calmed me.  Reminded me.

He never promised this baby would be alright, never promised everything would go smoothly, never promised everything would be the way I obviously want it to be.  But He has promised His presence, and when I dwell there, it is enough.

The turkey and my stomach battled us over homeschool, and finally I relented and let Charlie and the girls watch a movie while I dealt with Abel, who came to share that the table saw EBS needed that cost $600 USD was being charged $1000 in Douane (customs).

I'm not going to say anything about the Douane here.  But Matt was the Douane one year for Halloween and walked around the Heckman's house putting post-it notes labeled "1 Million Dollars" on all of their electronics and valuables, and it was funny.  But more sad.  And that's all I'm going to say.

Rage did not help me feel any better.

But he almost forgot to give me two boxes, both from dear friends.

And it was one of those days where some conversation hearts and a few other Valentine goodies--and more, to feel loved and remembered--was so needed.  Faded the rest.

Turkeys don't like conversation hearts.  Which is fine by me, because I didn't like Sofie sharing them.

I have pictures of the turkey.  Ms. Gobbles.

Again.  Internet.

So when Emily sees me crying over the boxes, she says SHE'll make the hot dog buns, even though it's my night, and that faded the rest even more.

I headed back to rest only to have Matt join the crew with an itinerary.  The internet magic man of Sabetha, whom we have heard about for years and yet have never quite gotten our hands on, is coming.  Saturday.  To take everything we have and figure out how to make it work like it SHOULD.

The thought that this very weekend, the mountain of internet confusion, frustration and inconsistency we have been living with for really YEARS could be, at the very least, IMPROVED, sorted, understood by someone...oh man.

So we cooked out.  And despite all the things I can't even come close to eating, Matt making me marshmallows by that warm fire in the fading light, surrounded by visiting professors who have been so dear, by neighbors so loving, by children so happy and healthy and sticky, by EBS grads so sincere, so humble, so anxious to make the God so known by me today known by the World...I wanted to sit there forever.

God knows.

Everyone says here, all the time.

and cares.  I always add.

and MOVES.

One mountain at a time.

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  1. Awww Friend we LOVE YOU! Praying praying praying....mountains keep a movin.