25 January 2015

catch up.

Matt arrived safely home Friday night after having a great, though exhausting, week in Port-au-Prince.  He had 45 masters students in his class, most  of whom were presidents and deans and professors in seminaries and Bible schools throughout Haiti.  What a fun way to spread the word a bit about EBS!  It was the first class the students had had in their own language, without a translator, and that was incredibly meaningful to them.  It was also a great opportunity for Matt to learn more about IWU's program and he was incredibly impressed by the caliber of men in his class.

He also got to spend some good time with our dear friends there, and had several good meetings with the EBS lawyer, tax guy, etc.

So very good to have him home, and we all spent Friday night together before our first round of VP's headed out Saturday, and Phil and Emily's moms left today.  Second rounders Jerry C. (of Indiana) and Charlie R. (of Sabetha, of course :) arrived yesterday and today, and tomorrow our second intensive session begins!


I am finally (I think) starting to feel a bit better!  First trimester is finally over, we have our first Haitian experience of a prenatal appointment this week, and I'm hoping that in the coming few days I'll go from feeling a bit better to feeling GOOD.

The Lord has slowly been revealing Himself and His truths in light of the losses of last week, and even today there was a major burden lifted just through a good and enlightening conversation with a godly person.  I'm thankful.  He doesn't leave us sitting in the losses life deals, does He.  Hold on.

Thank you for your prayers for a busy week, for our profs, for our students and for our families!

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