02 August 2020

birthday weekend

Our dear Nora-girl turned five today...complete with a whole lot of mermaid. My favorite part was watching Sofie and Lily bend over backwards to make the day special for her...little gifts, doing her chores for her, singing to her a dozen times, giving her extra carrots to feed the goats, playing whatever games she wanted all day. They've got a lot of love to give and I loved watching them love on Nora...and it made her day in ways I couldn't. 

So thankful Grandpa and Cindy were able to come, too...which made it all extra special, especially for the kids to show them the new ropes a bit. The girls have LOVED introducing them to some of their people, and to be honest, I didn't realize how many people they knew until they started introducing them. The neighbors all call Lily the Neighborhood Social Coordinator, and it's just the truth.  She gets to know everyone (and remembers every details...Lily truly has NO borders), Sofie invents the games and takes them flowers and cookies, Nora tags along, and even if you weren't looking for friends...well tough.

I love the beautiful form the Lord and Haiti have used to shape their lives. 

I have stopped trying to control Sofie smiling. 

If you've ever prayed for Wally, WaWa, Nory, Nora-girl...THANK YOU.

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