21 July 2020


We need your prayers, praying friends!

Can I just give a short list?

-Our friend Holly has been battling breast cancer and has major (think 12 hour) surgery on Wednesday. On top of unsettling is the reality that she may be forced to go through surgery and recovery alone due to increased covid guidelines, and we would just LOVE to join your prayers with ours. Her husband Rob works closely with Matt, and their four kiddos are almost exactly our four kids ages. They are heavy on our hearts.
-Our friend and board member's husband in a care facility was diagnosed one of many with Covid this morning. She can't be with him, can't help him, can't do much of anything but PRAY, and so we are joining her mightily and would be grateful if you would, too.

-Our little 2 year old neighbor battles on with cancer, is in treatments all this week and is winning the ugly battle well...what a joy to see him take a few steps the other night, and how much we are all praying!

-Emmaus is working against many odds to get the new semester up and going, and one of the biggest obstacles right now is funding. Once school is in session and I can get home-there and get some stories, we can work more on it...but we need to get school going first, and need funding to get going...You get the cycle. Please be praying with us, still and onward, for the men and women of Emmaus! (and if you want to join us in helping...)

I love that no matter how we're struggling, we have a praying family and a present and powerful God, strong where and when we are weak...even (especially?) when that feels like e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Thankful for a God who fills in the gaps--gaps in eloquence, gaps in ability, gaps in possibility, gaps in family, gaps in friends, gaps in finances, gaps in patience--He fills them with Himself. He's the God of the gaps, that is for sure...and in the world today there are MANY.

Not in Him.

Thank you for praying.

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